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Sarah Wahl is a Pittsburgh native who found her way to Los Angeles, California, which has been her home for many years. What was once a casual hobby became a lifelong passion as she discovered her creative voice, thanks in large part to the support of her community. A self-taught artist, Sarah flows between abstract and figurative art as she seeks to explore the human condition: love, heartbreak, the surrounding nature, and everything in between. Her artistic style ranges from alcohol ink to acrylic paint, from charcoal drawing to resin, with a dash of gold leaf wherever it best accents the vibrant colors of her canvas. Sarah has exhibited in many shows around La, including RAW artists shows, and Chocolate and Art Night. WahlArt is currently exhibiting at the Manos Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pa. From the beginning of WahlArt she always wanted to give back, raising money for Sierra Leone Rising, LA Food Bank, The Ronald McDonald Camp for Good times, and more; with a continued interest in outreach and supporting community.  Sarah looks forward to filling homes with that piece that stands out, grabs your eye, and inspires emotion within.

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