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Hans DeKline is a grammy-winning, Los Angeles mastering engineer whose clients span U2 to Burna Boy and everything in between.  His music career started when he was 15, playing bass & singing in punk bands around Tucson AZ.  Around this time he also discovered a love for recording and making mixtapes using a 4 track to balance and eq each song to sound like they were from a commercially released compilation.  He had no idea this was mastering.  In 1995 he signed a record deal with Sony as the lead singer and songwriter of the band Maypole, which toured with the Wallflowers, Our Lady Peace, and the Jayhawks.  5 years later he was mostly recording and mixing when he discovered his true calling was mastering.  In his own words, “No one ever complimented my mixes, but people loved my masters.  I figured it was a sign.”  He’s been doing it ever since.

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