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Kelly Roberge is an artist, graphic designer, social media wrangler, and professional
eclecticist. She has a B.F.A. from ASU and a Masters Degree in Counseling and Art Therapy from
Prescott College. Kelly has run over a dozen branding and social media campaigns for
businesses, nonprofits, and county entities. Kelly uses her obsession with color, shape, and
people to create beautiful objects, more fulfilling relationships, and more connected

Charles Matheus is an entrepreneur, mentor, and visionary. He has thirty-five years’
experience as an educator, wilderness guide, nonprofit leader, and business consultant. He led
clients to the top of the highest peaks in Wyoming and to the very bottom of the Grand
Canyon. He has led small, motivated teams, started half a dozen nonprofit and educational
programs, founded and chaired a national mentoring program, and provided team building and
strategic planning for startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.
Along the way, Charles has mentored and taught 1000s of clients in effective communication,
inclusive teamwork, and transformative leadership. Charles’s TEDx talks, keynotes, and
workshops have inspired hundreds of workshop participants, and conference attendees.

Together, Team Maberge runs four different podcasts that share a focus on personal
growth, healthy relationships, and engaged, equitable community.
• The weekly HERE.together Podcast features creative and insightful guests from all over the
world, talking about how to be better together and individually.
• The semi-weekly Remaking Manhood Podcast hosts conversations with both men and women
who are working to create and promote healthy masculinity.
• The Prescott Woman Podcast is a monthly audio supplement to Prescott Woman Magazine. The
podcast offers “deep dive” interviews with the fascinating local people and organizations
featured in the magazine.
• The Prescott Unified Podcast is for listeners who want to stay in the know about our most
important local institution, the Prescott Unified School District. This monthly show interviews
educators, coaches, parents, and administrators who are doing the hard, passionate work of
educating our kids.

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