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Growing up in a rural community, Steve Hollingsworth was fortunate enough to catch the creative bug at the age of fourteen. Beginning playing music, producing skateboarding videos and comedy sketches with his friends. Steve was recruited by the local municipality to join their broadcasting and communication department at age fifteen. Upon finishing high school — with a wealth of knowledge about video production and live broadcasting under his belt — Steve began freelancing as a network TV cameraman, producing music videos, marketing videos, wedding videos, documentaries, and just about everything in between. 

When digital video became in high demand, Steve was invited to join a team of creatives to produce various forms of media for aviation companies. As a key player for the team, Steve created hundreds of videos and photographs for marketing platforms. After four years of non-stop aerial adrenaline, Steve decided to ground himself and combine all the skills he’d accumulated over the previous 15 years to start his own stand-alone media production company – Enlightening Media 

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