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Juanita has been in Nashville since 1990 and worked for Mercury Records, Almo Sounds Records, Pioneer Music Group, GMF Music, and Hippo Productions in addition to her time as President/General Manager of the Sound Emporium. A life-long lover of all music, she brings a passion to her work that is second to none. After hours, she also still provides Production Assistant services to several well-known Nashville Producers, Artists and Engineers. She brings a very well- rounded plethora of experience to her position as President/COO/General Manager and to quote Robert Plant….”Juanita is always cheery and makes you feel so welcome whenever you are at the Sound Emporium.”

She has managed to make the Sound Emporium one of Nashville’s busiest studios, running 80-90% booked at any given time. This at a time when other studios in town are being leveled to make parking garages or condos. She also has a reputation for training the best engineers in town. Her management style and leadership are the main reasons the studio continues to thrive to this day. She treats all clients like “family” and creates such a great, positive “vibe” for them to record, down to the smallest of details. Projects recorded at the Sound Emporium recently, earned 6 Grammy Awards in 2016, one in 2017 and one in 2018. She is very well respected and considered to be an industry leader when it comes to successful management of a commercial recording facility.

She first came to Sound Emporium in 1995 to work for Garth Fundis and Almo Sounds Records, which was housed at Sound Emporium. When the label closed in 1998, she continued to work for Garth Fundis until he sold the studio in 2011. The new owner kept her on as just the accountant for the remainder of 2011, but brought her back as studio manager in 2012 after the two managers he hired performed poorly creating a huge loss at the end of 2011. With a lot of hard work and tenacity, Juanita and her staff brought the long-time clients back and garnered new ones. This turned things around so that by 2013, they were back on top as one of Nashville’s most sought-after destinations for those seeking a top- notch recording facility. She has brought in new genres to the studio and continues to not just survive in this crazy business, but thrive. The Sound Emporium is not just her “job” – it is her life. She guards the legacy and history of the studio with fierce pride and shares it with all who are interested.

In 2016 George Shinn made Juanita partner in the studio to reward her for her years of dedication and hard work. She immediately implemented a 401k and benefits for all staff. In July 2017 he gifted the studio to Lipscomb University. Lipscomb retained Juanita and her staff and have promised to preserve this historic institution and its legacy. They have committed to allowing the studio to continue to function as it does now, “Business as usual” with no negative impact to the clients. If anything, they provide another layer of resources with their facilities staff and security personnel, and benefits. All staff are now employees of Lipscomb University, which has been a very positive thing. The partnership between the Sound Emporium and Lipscomb University will provide amazing opportunities for the students of their College of Entertainment and Arts to get hands-on experience in a world-class, historic recording studio that is a part of Nashville’s music history.

In 2018 Juanita and Sound Emporium Chief Engineer, Mike Stankiewicz, were tapped as “Industry professionals” on the top rated Hulu show “Small Business Revolution – Main Street” for their overhaul of the Lighthouse Sounds Recording Studio. They were featured in Episode 7 of this business makeover show that focuses on revitalizing “Main Street” America.

In her downtime, she loves to roller skate at least once a week and snorkel in the Cayman Islands every chance she gets. She has a life-long passion for animals and has a farm North of Nashville that she shares with her rescued pot belly pigs, rabbits and dogs. In July of 2019 she and Sgt. Henry Particelli of the Metro Nashville Police Dept, formed The Good Guys Foundation to benefit the families of fallen police officers. She is the president of that Foundation and also volunteers for Alive Hospice, Animal Rescue Corps, Middle TN Pet Resources and Bunny Rescue of Nashville.

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